Wheat Wash without Yeast Recipe

Experienced moonshiners know that wheat is a perfect raw material for a wash. If prepared right you’ll end up with an easily drinkable moonshine which contains a very low amount of toxic impurities. One of the features of this well-proven wheat wash recipe is that you don’t have to use dry or pressed yeast.

Distillers yeast can be replaced with wild yeast which results in almost no unpleasant smell. Malt enzymes break starch down into sugar which turns into alcohol during fermentation. Wheat wash requires high-quality raw materials. It’s important to use only clean dried wheat which was stored for no more than 1 year. Make sure that grains are not rotten or damaged.


  • What – 4 kilos
  • Sugar – 4 kilos
  • Water – 30 liters

Sugar increases the yield of final product and doesn’t affect the characteristic grain aroma.

Yeast-Free Wheat Wash Recipe

  1. Put a smooth layer of 1 kilo of grains at the bottom of a plastic or metallic container. Cover the grain layer with 1-2 cm of water. Seal it and leave in a cold dark place. After 1-2 days grains should get germinated.
  2. When sprouts grow out, add 500 grams of sugar and stir by hands. If the mass is too thick you can add a little water. Tie the neck of the container with cheesecloth and leave it for 10 days in a warm place. This time is enough for a ferment to form which is a yeast substitute.
  3. Pour the ferment into a glass vessel, add 3.5 kilos of sugar and 3 kilos of wheat. Pour the mixture over with warm water (<30°C).
  4. Install an airlock. Leave the container in a room with a temperature of 18-24°C. Depending on the yeast fermentation may last for 7-20 days.
  5. Fermented wash is bitter. Taste it once the airlock stops bubbling.
  6. Decant the wash and filter it through cheesecloth. After that, distill the wash in a distillation still of any design. You can run the second distillation, separating the yield into “heads” and “tails” to enhance moonshine’s features. Before doing that, water down the moonshine until it has 20% ABV.

You can make additional 2-3 batches of wash from the remaining wheat at the bottom. Make sure to add 4 kilos of sugar and pour it over with water every time. Second and third wash batches turn out the best. Next batches’ quality will deteriorate significantly.

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