Vodka or Beer? Pros and Cons of These Beverages

Vodka or beer?Vodka or Beer?

Among the variety of alcoholic beverages the most popular in Russia are beer and vodka. It is difficult to give preference to one of them. To facilitate the choice I suggest we carry out a comparative analysis that will help us understand what is better: beer or vodka. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each alcohol.

The following arguments are made in defense of beer:

• Pleasant taste and smell
• Good thirst quencher
• Contains a minimal amount of alcohol
• Has a tonic effect
• Intoxication occurs gradually, so easier to control himself
• Excellent natural diuretic agent
• Low-calorie content compared to vodka
• Useful for healthy people in moderate amounts

But beer has its drawbacks:
• It’s not good in cold weather
• Stimulates appetite, and you end up with a beer belly
• Highly addictive
• Deteriorates quickly
• Difficult to make at home
• Rarely used as the main alcohol during holidays

In order to get a full picture of our research let’s list pros and cons of vodka.

Its benefits include:
• Lack of additives (pure alcohol and water)
• Traditional drink at a tableful
• Good warming effect
• Easy to make at home (production of moonshine)
• Healthy in small quantities
• Has a long shelf-life
• Goes well with a wide range of snacks

Drawbacks of vodka:
• Lack of taste
• Intoxicates quickly (in most cases it is a drawback)
• Addictive
• High-calorie product
• It’s not good in hot weather

Conclusion: the right choice between beer and vodka depends on the nature of the holiday and the temperature outside. On a hot day, it’s best to drink a bottle of good beer with friends. But in the winter or during a party (birthday, New Year’s Eve) most people prefer vodka (we do not consider other types of alcohol). Those who care about their body shape have to pay more attention to snacks because vodka and beer have small calorie content compared with other foods.

When asked what is more harmful, beer or vodka, the answer is the following: the harm and benefits are determined by the amount of alcohol consumed, not by the beverage itself. A healthy person can drink both beer and vodka in moderate amounts. A safe beer dose is not more than 0.1 gl/0.5 liters per day. With vodka, it is a little different. Doctors recommend not to drink is more than 1.5 oz/30 grams a day. But you can drink more once a week.

Mixing Beer and Vodka

For many people, the question of choice between vodka and beer is not relevant, because they just mix these beverages in a glass. But you should remember that drinking vodka and beer intoxicates quicker than drinking them separately. The truth is that carbon dioxide contained in beer irritates the stomach lining and helps alcohol to enter blood flow faster. It is therefore not recommended to wash down alcohol with soda water; your first choice should be juice.

Vodka and beer mix intoxicates quickly
Vodka and beer mix intoxicates quickly

Those wishing to experiment with mixing beer and vodka can make “Ruff” cocktail. Its classic recipe is as follows: add 30 to 60 ml of vodka to a beer mug. Finished cocktail has no vodka flavor, but its intoxicating effects will increase severalfold. In the West they use more sparing proportions. More details in the video.

To most persistent and experienced ones I recommend trying another cocktail –”Chpok”. In order to make it pour 100 ml of beer into a 200-gram/7-ounce glass and then add 100 ml of vodka (it is important to follow this sequence). Then cover the glass with your palms and hit its bottom hard on the table. You’ll get a foamy mixture that you’ll have to drink in one gulp. Few people manage to drink more than two servings in one evening.

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