Simple Homemade Beer Recipes

The traditional technology of beer brewing is quite complex and requires special equipment and strict control of cooking temperature. But if you have hops and malt (preferably) you can make beer following simple steps. The resulting beer will resemble the taste and color of the original beverage. Let’s have a look at some of the simplest homemade beer recipes.

The easiest way to buy hops and malt is via our online store or any other store. It’s good to own a beer brewing equipment, but due to its high cost, not everyone can afford this equipment. The suggested recipes require no additional equipment. All you need are cooking pots and fermentation vessels.

Warning! These recipes describe beverages that only resemble beer—they are imitating its taste and have nothing in common with traditional beer brewing.

Hops and Malt Beer


  • Barley malt – 11 lbs/5 kilos
  • Water – 20 liters
  • Fresh hops cones – 5 cups
  • Beer yeast – 1.8 oz/50 grams
  • Sugar – 5.3 oz/150 grams
  • Salt – 1 tbsp.


  1. Dissolve barley malt in water and leave the mixture for a day.
  2. The next morning, pour the mixture into the cooking pot and add salt.
  3. Boil the dissolved malt for 2 hours.
  4. Add hops and cook for another 20 minutes.
  5. Strain the mixture through a sieve and then cool the wort to room temperature (below 30 degrees).
  6. Add Beer yeast and sugar, stir and let ferment for 12-18 hours in a dark, warm place.
  7. Pour the beer into bottles. After 12-14 hours the beer will be ready.

Hops and molt recipe

What you’ll end up is a natural homemade product which strongly resembles traditional technology. If you don’t need 20 liters right away you can reduce the proportions several times. Some home beer brewers don’t even use special vessels and make do with a simple bucket.

Beer without Yeast Recipe (Honey or Fruit flavored)


  • Overripe strawberries or wild strawberries – 4.4 lbs/2 kilos
  • Honey or sugared preserves – 8.8-11 lbs/4-5 kilos
  • Hops – 0.9 oz/25 grams
  • Water – 25 liters


  1. Pour 25 liters of warm water into a vessel, add honey or preserves, and stir until honey dissolves.
  2. Add the previously prepared strawberries (the berries shouldn’t be washed to leave wild yeast on the surface), which is used as a ferment, replacing brewer’s yeast. Add hops and mix again.
  3. Leave it in a warm place for 5-7 days for fermentation after tying the neck with cheesecloth.
  4. Cover with a lid and leave for 30-40 days for fermentation. It will end when the berries descend to the bottom of the vessel. At this stage, the wort should be stirred every day.

After 14 days taste the beverage. If it’s not sweet enough add 2.2 lbs/1 kilo of honey to restart fermentation.

  1. 5-7 days after the end of fermentation, filter the wort through cheesecloth and pour into three-liter jars.
  2. Put the jars in a cold place for 1-1.5 months. During this time, a layer of sediment will form at the bottom.
  3. Bottle the beer for storing. It’s very important to keep the sediment from getting into the bottles. That’s why you should be extra careful handling the container and avoid shaking prior to decantation.

Store the sealed bottles of honey beer in a cellar.

Yeast-free strawberry beer

The Simplest Homemade Beer Recipe

If you’re in a hurry and want to quickly make some beer I suggest you follow this method:

  1. Boil 0.5 oz/15 grams of hop cones in 5 liters of water for 90 minutes.
  2. Dissolve 8.9 oz/250 grams of sugar in a glass of water.
  3. Add sugar syrup to the hops decoction and simmer for 20 minutes.
  4. Filter the fluid and cool it down to a room temperature. Add dry yeast (0.35 oz/10 grams).
  5. After fermentation has ended bottle the beer, seal it and let it mature for 3 days.

Quick beer

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