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Must and Wine Enzymes

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  • Lallzyme EX

    Lallzyme EX


    Specially formulated enzyme preparation for improved color intensity and stability, greater mouthfeel, and enhanced fruity, floral, and spicy flavors in red wine. Dissolve .1 g in 10ml of water per gallon of must. Add to must prior to fermentation.

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  • Lallzyme EX-V

    Lallzyme EX-V


    A blend of enzymes to increase extraction on premium red wines. Helps build structured wines with deep, stable color. Use .075 grams per gallon of must. Dissolve into water and add to must prior to fermentation.

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  • Pectic Enzyme (Pectolase)..

    Pectic Enzyme (Pectolase)..


    Used to break down fruit and reduce the hazing effect of pectins when making fruit wines, fruit beers, or meads. Mix 2 tsp of enzyme powder (or 1/2 oz per 5 gallons) with cold water and add to 5-6 gallon of must before the start of fermentation. Store cool, enzymes denature above approximately 150F.

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  • Lysozyme



    Use to inhibit lactic acid bacteria growth, such as ML, in your wine. Isolated from egg whites this enzyme will degrade the cell wall of gram positive bacteria. Will not affect yeast or gram negative bacteria such as Acetobacter.

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  • Scottzyme HC

    Scottzyme HC


    Scottzyme HC is a blend of assorted enzymes designed to increase yield in apple, pear, stone fruits, and wetter grapes (such as concords). This enzyme will assist in breaking down the fruit you work with to help extract more flavor and juice, as well as improving filterability and overall clarity. This Scottzyme works best in conjunction with PEC5L.

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  • Scottzyme KS

    Scottzyme KS


    Scottzyme KS is a specially formulated blend of enzymes, designed to assist in settling and filtration of pretty much anything. KS standing for “Kitchen Sink”, this enzyme is the end-all when it comes to enzymatic preparation of a wine for filtration. This enzyme is best used early in processing, however should never be used before pressing, as the heavy increase in fine solids can clog presses. Many customers have reported very favorable results when used to solve “nightmare” filtrations before bottling.

    KS is also used extensively for cider making where it reduces or even eliminates the need to filter the cider at the end of production. Best added right after pressing.


    Red or White Wine – 0.25ml / gal.

    White Juice – 0.15ml / gal.

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  • Scottzyme Pec5L

    Scottzyme Pec5L


    Scottzyme PEC5L is a highly concentrated pectinase blend designed specifically for winemaking. it is used on crushed grapes for easier pressing and higher yields and in juice for improved settling, clarification and filtration. It is also useful for berries, pome and stone fruits. When adding to fruit, it is sometimes beneficial to use in conjunction with Scottzyme HC.


    Crushed Grapes – 0.075ml / gal.

    Juice – 0.045ml / gal.

    Wine – 0.055ml / gal.

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