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Most-Pur 20g

Most-Pur 20g


Direct application of Potassium Caseinate / PVPP / protein adsorbing component mixture for preventative treatment of must against oxidation of color, flavor and aroma compounds. Similar in effect to the Keller-Pur product (FIN71), Most-Pur is intended for use with musts where heavy or excessive polyphenol extraction is anticipated, such as musts which come from heavily mechanically processed grape lots or when heavy extractions are expected due to slow fermentation. Most-Pur boasts an increased flocculation of must turbidities leading to a more compact lees formation, even after pressing with red musts. Since bench trials are difficult to perform on musts due to time constraints, you will need to use your best judgment in deciding how aggressively to fine. It will be better to err on the conservative side and then perform a second fining with Keller-Pur after fermentation if necessary. To Use: Sprinkle into must / juice while stirring vigorously until evenly distributed.

Apply at a rate of 0.3-0.6g/L (1.2-2.6g/gal). Package provides a dosage of 2g/gal to 10gal of must/juice.

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