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Measuring your ingredients by weight is the best way to ensure consistency and repeatability from batch to batch. We have many scales to measure out any part of your recipes.

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  • Large High Precision Scal..

    Large High Precision Scal..


    This bench-top 500 gram capacity scale has a 0.01 gram readability for super accurate weighing. Features digital auto calibration, a tare feature, counting mode, and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

    • 500g Capacity
    • 0.01g Readability
    • Counting Feature
    • Runs on batteries or AC Adapter, both included
    • Includes two (2) 200g Calibration Weights
    • Backlight can be turned on or off.
    • Detachable lid protects the delicate weighing surface
    • Includes pictured weighing bowl
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  • 2Utility Scale – 18..

    2Utility Scale – 18..


    Our utility spring scale is ideal for measuring out small amount of grain, hops, or other ingredients for beer or wine.

    It has an 18-ounce (500 gram) capacity, and reads in 10 gram increments. Includes a removable plastic bowl with a pour spout.

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  • Apico Digital Scale ̵..

    Apico Digital Scale ̵..


    The Pico digital scale is great for measuring out small amounts of hops or chemicals for winemaking, brewing, and other uses. It has the same capacity as the “Primo” scale, but with a smaller footprint.

    The Pico measures up to 18 ounces (500 gram) in 0.005 ounce (0.1 gram) increments. It has a “Tare” feature for subtracting the weight of the container from the net weight of the contents. The Pico also has a counting feature to count small items with accuracy. Includes 1 9-volt battery.

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  • Electronic Grain Scale &#..

    Electronic Grain Scale &#..


    A great scale at a great price. This can weigh a full sack, and then a bit more! Customers love them for at home measurements, and we use them at our own shops as grain scales for customer use.


    Massive 55 lb (25 kg) capacity!
    30 year warranty
    Backlight Feature for LED Screen
    Runs on 4 x C batteries or AC adaptor (neither included)
    Large Weigh Platform 8″ x 6.5″
    Weighs in Pounds, Pounds:Ounces, Kilograms, Grams, Ounces
    Dual Range Weigh Design:
    0-2 lbs x 0.1oz, 0-1kg x 2g
    2-55 lbs x 0.5oz, 1kg-25kg x 10g
    Display is removable and attached to two foot cord for easy viewing of the display while using larger weighing vessels

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  • High Precision Blade Scal..

    High Precision Blade Scal..


    The perfect scale for those measurements of 1000 grams or less. With a readability and accuracy of 0.1 grams, you are sure to get a precise measurement every time.

    This new Blade Scale features a simple, 3-key operation, tare feature, built-in auto shut-off, and a retractable display that tucks into the body of the scale itself (thus the name Blade), allowing compact transport and storage. The plastic covering doubles as a tray for chemicals, yeast, or nutrient mixes, too.

    With a stainless steel weighing surface and a whopping 10 year warranty offered through American Weigh Scales. 3.75″ L x 3.75″ W x 0.75″ H. 1 kg capacity. Runs on 2 x AAA batteries (included with scale).

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  • Primo Digital Scale ̵..

    Primo Digital Scale ̵..


    The Primo digital scale is great for weighing out grains, hops, and other additions for brewing and winemaking. They are economically priced, and very easy to use with a 2-button operation.

    Measures up to 11 pounds (5 Kg) in 0.1 ounce (1 gram) increments. It has a “Tare” feature for subtracting the weight of the container from the net weight of the contents. Includes 2 AA batteries.

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  • Power Adapter for MT353 S..

    Power Adapter for MT353 S..


    Never need batteries again for your High Precision Series Scale. For the American Weigh product AMW LB-501, our MT353.

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  • Power Adapter for MT355 S..

    Power Adapter for MT355 S..


    Power Adapter for MT355 Scale

    Input: 120V at 60Hz

    Output: 9V DC at 300mA

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