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Find a quality and useful accessories to the wide range of brew kettles that we sell.

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  • Turbo Boiler – 1500..

    Turbo Boiler – 1500..


    1500 watt electric boil kettle


    1500 watts
    110 v
    Hidden element to make cleaning a breeze
    7.9G/30L volume
    Built in spigot
    Lid with silicon seal and 1.85 in hole
    Protection from boil dry
    Dimensions: 25 in Tall x 12.75 in Diameter

    Please Note – Having electrical devices around liquid can be hazardous, and should not be left unattended. Please use caution while using this device, and read the instruction manual prior to use.

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  • Blichmann HopRocket

    Blichmann HopRocket


    The HopRocket™ is an incredibly innovative hop infusing tool packed with world-class features! It can be used as a hopback, but it also doubles as an inline hop infuser (Randalizer) for your beer-dispensing system! Definitely cool, consistently reliable and clearly Blichmann Engineering™, the HopRocket™ will send your hop aroma into orbit!


    Pressure-tight – up to 40 psi operation!
    Holds up to 3 oz. of whole hops as a hopback and 4 oz. as an infuser – twice as much as the competition!
    100% stainless construction and silicone seals
    No need to monitor wort level because the HopRocket™ will never overflow
    Fully enclosed system from brew kettle to fermentor means no volatile hop aromas are lost!
    Optional HopRocket Mounting kit to easily integrate your Hopback into your TopTier™ modular brewing stand
    Inlet at the bottom allows air to automatically purge to reduce hot-side aeration
    Fine filter with wiper seal sends very clear wort to your fermentor
    Coarse filter and cone bottom inlet prevents wort channeling and backup for even hop utilization
    Fill with up to 3 oz. of rice hulls to use as an inline filter
    Works on gravity systems and with pumps (about 4 feet — or 1 meter — of static head is recommended for best gravity performance)
    Doubles as an awesome hop infuser (Randalizer) for your draft dispensing system. New Draft Dispensing Kit it available for simple installation in your home draft system
    1/2″ NPT connections are easy to make connections— a perfect match for our popular QuickConnector™ fittings (1/2″ barb, 3/8″ barb and 1/4″ flare)

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  • False Bottom SS BrewTech

    False Bottom SS BrewTech


    A heavy duty Stainless Steel false bottom for Ss Brewtech kettles.  This False Bottom uses the Trub Dam and pickup tube included with your Ss Brewing Technologies kettles to turn it into a mash tun.


    • Made from heavy duty 16 gauge stainless steel
    • Custom silicone O-ring for pick up tube
    • One piece with stand welded to bottom
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  • Kettle O ring – Sil..

    Kettle O ring – Sil..


    Kettle O ring – Silicone trub dam blade, White washer (ONE SET)

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  • The Kettle Spider

    The Kettle Spider


    Help your customers make their brew day easier and their additions more efficient with a Kettle Spider. Just attach a reusable nylon mesh bag with drawstring and use the Kettle Spider to steep grains in an extract batch or to take the mess and burns out of multiple hop additions in the boil.

    With an ideal placement in the center of the kettle, the Kettle Spider aids in extraction of flavor, oils and alpha acids.

    The Kettle Spider makes bags easier to use with hops because it is open throughout the boil. Just keep adding the hops your recipe calls for. Also keeps bags off the bottom of the kettle, preventing a hole from developing in your bag.

    Made from 304 Stainless steel with adjustable anti-slip silicone sleeves, the Kettle Spider will fit most all kettles. Diameter of the hole: 3 3/4″. Length of Arms: 9″.

    Tip: A 4″ Tri-Clamp fitting or Keg Lid O-Ring can be also be used to hold bags in place.

    Please note that this item does not include a mesh bag.

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  • The Ultimate Sparge Arm

    The Ultimate Sparge Arm


    Our Patent Pending sparge arm design is the perfect addition to almost any all grain setup! This sparge arm assembly is made completely of stainless steel and silicone. Featuring a stainless thumbscrew to hold the sparge arm against your kettle, and another which allows you to move the sparge arm up or down inside the kettle to accommodate different amounts of grain. These screws are very easy to hand tighten and loosen, meaning no tools are necessary. Excellent for sparging as well as recirculating your mash in a RIMS or HERMS system!

    Note – This sparge arm will not fit on most coolers.

    100% stainless and silicone construction
    Virtually universal
    Included 1/2″ ball valve helps regulate the flow rate
    Included check ball will prevent back flow
    Can adjust from the top of your kettle to 12-13 inches down into your kettle
    Can be mounted on a lip that is up to 7/8″ wide

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  • Adhesive Liquid Crystal T..

    Adhesive Liquid Crystal T..


    Adhesive Liquid Crystal Thermometer that measures both Farenheit and Celsius

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  • Domed False Bottom Ss Bre..

    Domed False Bottom Ss Bre..


    Domed false bottom from Ss Brewtech.


    • Made from 304 stainless steel
    • Domed shape
    • Central suction point
    • Welded handle
    • Silicone gasket

    Note: These false bottoms are designed for the Ss Brewtech Brew Kettles and will not fit other kettles. They are also not compatible with the Ss Brewtech BME Kettles.v

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  • False Bottom Gaskets Brew..

    False Bottom Gaskets Brew..

    These are replacement gaskets for the BrewBuilt Mash Tuns.  Single Piece silicone construction, with a branded BrewBuilt logo and size molded into them.  These are Replacements for the gasket included in our False Bottom Kits or BrewBuilt Mash Tuns, and will not function without a BrewBuilt Kettle and false bottom kit.
    Please note: We have designed these around our BrewBuilt kettles line, and they are not intended to work with other Kettles.
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  • Mash Tun False Bottom Kit..

    Mash Tun False Bottom Kit..


    BrewBuilt False Bottom Kits include everything you need to upgrade your BrewBuilt Brewing Kettle to a Mash Tun.

    Features List:

    • Heavy Duty Perforated Stainless Steel Screen
    • High Strength SS feet eliminate any chance of False Bottom collapse
    • Gasketed Seal – Custom Molded Silicone Gasket w/ dual wiper blade tech eliminates any chance of grain passthrough
    • Minimal Dead Space – Lowered False Bottom and Pickup tube reclaim Dead space, allowing for you to brew bigger beers!
    • Quick Disconnect Pickup Tube – Stainless Steel Pickup tube easily installs thanks to threadless quick disconnect system
    • Center Draw insures highest efficiency possible


    • Stainless Steel False Bottom
    • Silicone Gasket
    • Quick Disconnect Pickup Maximizer Tube
    • Does Not Include Kettle
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  • Gravity Sparge Arm

    Gravity Sparge Arm


    This is a real simple gravity sparge arm. This is designed to work with a 1/2″ FPT ball valve on the HL Tank. The kit comes with a 1/2″ MPT stainless fitting. The sparge arm is all copper with small holes drilled into the the top of the ring for gentle sparging. Screws on and off the HL tank for easy use and removal. The ring is held on by a removable small clip for easy cleaning.
    Approximately 9″ in diameter.

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  • Sparge Arm for InfuSsion ..

    Sparge Arm for InfuSsion ..


    Another high quality intuitive piece of brewing gear from Ss BrewTech, the Ssparge Arm!  Simple design, with adjustable height and flow rate, this is a necessary add on for the Ss InfuSsion Mash Tuns.

    Incredibly easy to use: Simply choose and thread on a flow rate disk, clip the unit to your mash tun, set the height just above your grain bed, and get brewing!!  See the Documents tab above for a more detailed guide to use.

    • For USE ONLY ON Ss MASH TUNS (10/20 gal)
    • 304 Stainless Steel construction
    • Designed for gravity feed from HLT
    • Or hook your own pump / flow control valve
    • 3/8” diameter stainless tubing
    • 3/8″ barb on inlet of tubing
    • Custom silicone handle mount for Ss Mash Tun
    • Easily adjust height of sparge head up  / down
    • Uniform liquid dispersion fom sparge head
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  • Temp Control for InfuSsio..

    Temp Control for InfuSsio..


    The MTSs is designed for use with Ss Brewtech’s Infusion Mash Tun.  During extended Mash periods or in relatively cold ambient temperatures, the mash will naturally drop in temperature.   With the MTSs you will be able to provide better controlled temperatures during the mash saccharification process.  Holding a consistent saccharification temperature will insure you are making the beer and flavor profiles you planned to produce. The MTSs is a low wattage silicone heater pad, which is bonded to the underside of the 5 degree sloped bottom on your Mash Tun using a strong adhesive backing on the heater pad.  The heater is controlled with a 12 volt digital temp controller.  You simply set your target temperature and the heater will cycle on and off to maintain your set point.  This system is NOT designed for heating water to strike temp and/or step mashing, though it can help with fine tuning your strike water temp those last few degrees and/or maintaining your strike water temp while you are preparing your grist or balancing your water chemistry.

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  • Thermometer, LCD for Ferm..

    Thermometer, LCD for Ferm..


    LCD Temp Display Module for Mash Tun and FTSs units. Displays in Fahrenheit.


    Digital temp sensor
    Easy to read LCD display
    Batteries included
    Silicone rubber housing
    Custom tooled to use with Chronicals

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  • Blichmann Hop Blocker

    Blichmann Hop Blocker


    Traditional screen filters draw from the bottom of the kettle — immediately sucking all pellet hops and fine break material into the screen, where they plug. In Blichmann Engineering’s HopBlocker™, preferential flow leaves settled fine break material (hops and trub) undisturbed at the bottom of the kettle while draining the majority of the wort through a coarse filter from the top down. When the wort level is just a couple of inches from the bottom of the kettle, the fine filter element is then exposed by lifting the shield, and the remainder of the wort is filtered. It’s an intuitive design that allows the fine filter to work only on a small portion of the wort, not all of it. The HopBlocker™ will filter up to 95% of the break material and hops from your wort without plugging. While it is designed specifically to complement Blichmann Engineering’s BoilerMaker™ brew kettles, the HopBlocker™can be installed in any manufacturer’s kettle or keg.

    PLEASE NOTE: The HopBlocker is designed for use with pellet hops only. Whole/loose hops will plug the unit. While using whole hops, or a mix of whole and pellet hops, you must bag your whole hops in a large muslin grain bag. This will not affect the utilization rate and will result in significantly less wort loss.

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  • Blichmann Stainless AutoS..

    Blichmann Stainless AutoS..


    Have you longed for a sparging system with a “set-it-and-forget-it” design? The elegantly simple construction of Blichmann Engineering’s AutoSparge™ automatically sets the hot liquor flow rate and liquid level in your mash tun. As you change the sparge rate into your boil kettle, the AutoSparge™ automatically responds by increasing or decreasing hot liquor flow to compensate and keeps a constant level in your mash tun.

    Newly redesigned – 100% stainless steel, improved o-ring mounting and 1/2″ NPT thread.

    The AutoSparge™ level and flow control system is an awesome accessory for RIMS systems, and it also works great with gravity systems or with pumps! Wort gently rotates on top of the grain bed to reduce channeling and oxygen pick-up, and to increase extraction efficiency. With a constant hot liquor level over your grain bed, complicated rotating sparge arms are unnecessary!

    · Stainless steel float ball, float arm, and valve body!

    · Includes 18″ silicone hose and stainless steel hose float ball.

    · Fits any kettle larger than 12″ in diameter, including converted kegs.

    · Comes equipped with 6″ float arm. 9″ and 12″ float arms available separately for increasing range of motion. Min pot diameter for longer float arms is 15″ and 18″ respectively.

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  • Fermentap Sparge Assembly..

    Fermentap Sparge Assembly..


    The Fermentap Sparge Assembly is an adjustable sparging setup. It features a sturdy base that will accommodate a mash tun with up to a 20 inch diameter. Perfect for cooler systems. Includes the Fermentap Spray Wort Aerator which gently disperses your sparge water on top of your grain bed and has the ability to have the height of the sparge adjusted.

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  • Blichmann AutoSparge R..

    Blichmann AutoSparge R..


    12″ float rod extension for the Blichmann AutoSparge. Made from 304 stainless.

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  • Blichmann AutoSparge R..

    Blichmann AutoSparge R..


    9″ float rod extension for the Blichmann AutoSparge. Made from 304 stainless.

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