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  • Riptide Brewing Pump

    Riptide Brewing Pump



    Strong rare earth magnets and a curved blade impeller provide 7 GPM and up to 21 ft of lift
    Tri-Clamp head disassembles easily for cleaning
    1/2″ NPT inlet and outlet
    Motor is enclosed in a splash proof and super quiet case
    Rotatable stainless steel head
    Integrated air release vent allows you to easily prime the pump everytime without those frustrating air bubbles and cavitation
    Linear flow valve provided for excellent flow control
    Power switch on base
    9 ft. long power cord with 120V plug

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  • Electronic Float Switch

    Electronic Float Switch


    Keep the ideal liquid level in the Mashtun during sparging or in a gravity driven wine bottle filler during use. Relieves you from the need to turn the pump off and on so that you can do better things like… clean something or play with the kids.

    It can be bent to any configuration you choose based off your use.
    Will switch up to 1/3 hp motor.

    Operation of this float switch can be changed from filling to cutoff by flipping the float upside down. If the switch is behaving the opposite of how you require, remove the pin at the bottom of the unit, slide the float out, turn it upside down, reinsert it onto the post, and put the clip back in place. This will switch the operation of this unit.

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  • Single Outlet GFCI Adapte..

    Single Outlet GFCI Adapte..


    Prevent electrocution! This is the best way to plug in a pump or other brewing or winemaking equipment because it will trip the circuit when any water flows on the ground wire. 15 Amps 1875 Watts 125 VAC 60 Hz.

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  • Pre-Screen Filter –..

    Pre-Screen Filter –..


    Inline mesh screen filter to pre filter liquids before passing through a pump. Will remove large particles and protect the pump mechanisms from contaminants.

    Features 3/4 inch barbs on the in and out sides. The clear plastic cover is removable for cleaning or replacement of the screen.

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  • MKII High Temp Magnetic D..

    MKII High Temp Magnetic D..


    An amazing little pump from “down under”. It has been used in the Australian market for years where it has a good reputation. Works like a March or a Chugger but with a sealed case that is more water resistant. The optional stainless steel head (PMP501) is a very nice upgrade and one that most customers choose.

    Made from Polysulfone
    11.15 ft. (3.4 m) max head
    5 Gal/min max flow
    Max temperature – 248 F/ 120 C
    1/2 inch fittings

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  • Topsflo TD5 Micro Pump

    Topsflo TD5 Micro Pump


    A 24v magnetic drive brewing pump. Key features of this pump is that it is compact and very quiet. Some brewers also like the safety factor of it being 24v. Also works well with electric brewing systems. Power is not an issue power with a max flow rate of 6.4gpm. Comes with a silicone rubber mounting bracket that can be mounted almost anywhere. Pump head is made of 304 stainless steel.

    Topsflo is the actual manufacturer of the pump but it is sold under a few different brand names by other USA retailers and wholesalers.


    Made from food grade stainless steel
    120 to 24 v power adapter
    1/2 in NPT inlet and outlet
    Works with high temperatures (110 C/ 230 F)
    Max flow rate of 6.4 gpm
    Max head of 19 ft
    Small compact design
    Automatic over voltage shutoff
    Comes with mounting bracket
    Dimensions (pump only):

    3 3/4 in Height
    4 3/4 in Length
    3 1/4 in Width
    1.875 lbs

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  • Chugger Pump with High Te..

    Chugger Pump with High Te..


    The Chugger lineup of pumps represents a great value for an even better price. These pumps are workhorses in the brewery. Featuring a robust flow rate of 7 gpm, and a magnetic drive designed to handle back-pressure, these pumps are a great addition to any brewing setup! The Stainless Steel Chugger showcases their molded Stainless Steel Pump Head. This stainless pump is a steal for the price, and we’ve been more than happy with the quality! Use this to ease transfers between kettles, cool wort via a counterflow chiller, or recirculate icewater for quicker chilling!

    The Chugger pump has 1/2″ mpt inlet and outlet, allowing easy configuration for any application! We recommend setting these pumps up with a Ball valve on the outflow side, this way you can throttle down the outgoing flow rate, allowing for more efficient sparges or cooling! The pump head can also be rotated 360? (in 90? intervals) allowing for even more customization!


    Stainless Steel Pump Head.
    Food Grade up to 250? F.
    1/2″ mpt inlet and outlet.
    High Flow rate of 7 gpm
    Max Head 18.9 ft
    115v 55″ cord and plug attached.
    50/60 Hz, 1.4 amp
    1/20 HP, 3500 RPM
    No more issues with crossthreading plastic heads or snapping off fittings.
    Note: When using silicone tubing, we recommend using a slighlty larger barb than the I.D. of the tubing. This is because silicone tubing tends to have greater pliability than most tubing. For example, when using 1/2″ silicone tubing, we recommend our 5/8″ barb (H620), to help ensure a better seal!

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  • March High Temperature Br..

    March High Temperature Br..


    March Pump’s 815-SS Beer Pump

    Seal-less centrifugal magnetic drive pump
    7 gpm at 4.5 feet
    18.6 foot maximum head (around 8 psi)
    The wet end is made from Stainless Steel, Teflon, Silicone, and Ryton/Teflon/Glass
    Inlet and Outlet are both 1/2″ MPT
    Single phase 115V or 230V 0.04 Horsepower fan cooled motor can be run at either 50 or 60 hertz
    6 foot power cord
    150 psi max internal pressure
    250 Fahrenheit or 121 Celsius max liquid temperature

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  • March Pump – Polysu..

    March Pump – Polysu..


    Same polysulfone pump housing as our H315, but featuring a 230V motor for customers from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Does not come with the 6′ cord or the built-in base. Has a 3′ cord to which you will need to wire the appropriate plug.

    Note: When using silicone tubing, we recommending using a slighlty larger barb than the I.D. of the tubing. This is because silicone tubing tends to have greater pliability than most tubing. For example, when using 1/2″ silicone tubing, we recommend our 5/8″ barb (H620), to help ensure a better seal!

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  • Pump – 1-3 GPM Vari..

    Pump – 1-3 GPM Vari..


    Variable speed diaphragm pump. This pump is ideal for moving small quantities of wine, beer, and other liquids. Diaphragm pumps are self priming, so they can suck the liquid directly from your container.

    Includes a built in prefilter to protect the pump from particulates, a on/off switch with variable speed control, and plastic tubing. Ships complete in a cardboard box.

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  • Pump – 7.2 GPM High..

    Pump – 7.2 GPM High..


    The high-flow (HF) model comes with all the great features of the original March pump – magnetic drive, handles flow restriction, okay for boiling temperatures, 6′ cord with plug, food-grade materials in contact with the liquid, 1/2″ ports, etc. – but now features a different slightly higher flow rate with less issues of cavitation.

    The magnetic drive in a March pump acts as a clutch allowing the user to put back pressure on the pump to slow down flow. Since it is magnetic drive, it is not self-priming, you must put the pump under the level of the liquid source.

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  • Pump – Flojet 1.6 G..

    Pump – Flojet 1.6 G..


    Diaphragm Pump, self priming. 3/8″ female NPT fittings. Pump is not wired, it requires a plug and/or switch with cord to operate. 1.6 gpm.

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  • Pump – Flojet 4000 ..

    Pump – Flojet 4000 ..


    Diaphragm Pump, self priming. 3/4″ barbed fittings. Pump is not wired, it requires a plug and/or switch with cord to operate. 4.5 gpm. 140? F max temperature.

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  • Pump Centrifugal/Stainles..

    Pump Centrifugal/Stainles..


    Centrifugal pump with cast stainless head. 1″ barb inlet and outlet. Reversible direction. Stainless impeller. This is not a self priming pump so it will need to be placed below liquid level and liquid will need to be able to flow via gravity into the pump, for example you cannot pump out of a barrel. Best application is the transfer of wine between two tanks.


    11 GPM
    1″ Barb fittings
    Single Speed
    14 LBS
    Note: Because this product is manufactured in Europe, it will come with a European plug. You will need to re-wire for use in the USA.

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  • Self-Priming Shurflo Diap..

    Self-Priming Shurflo Diap..


    The ultimate pump for home winemaking use. Self-priming (will push air) so that it can draw out of a tank. Gentle diaphram action so as to not “beat up” the wine. Made of food-grade, NSF approved, materials polypropylene and santoprene, so no metallic interaction with wine. Pumps 3 gallons per minute. Flow can be restricted with an inline valve positioned on the outflow side. Self-regulating motor is designed to temporarily shut down, and then turn back on, when restriction pressure exceeds pump capacity. Has a heat limitation of 125 degrees Fahrenheit so cannot be used in brewing applications.

    Pump is equipped with 1/2″ Male NPT posts on the inlet and outlet. Does not include the plastic barb fittings you will need to purchase separately. Please see the “You Might Also Need” section below for our recommendations regarding which fittings to attach to the pump.

    Please Note: The diaphragms in this pump are very sensitive to sediment and particulates and can be damaged if any solids are taken into the pump head. We recommend using an Inline Pre-Filter (FIL26) if you think there’s a risk of sucking up solids with your inlet hose (pumping during pressing, for instance).

    Technical Specifications

    PUMP DESIGN: Positive Displacement 3 Chamber Diaphragm Pump
    CHECK VALVE: (1-Way Operation) Prevents Reverse Flow
    CAM: 3.0 Degree
    MOTOR: Permanent Magnet, P/N 11-195-01, Thermally Protected
    VOLTAGE: 115 VAC Nominal
    PRESSURE SWITCH: Factory Set @ 45 PSI Shut-Off, Turn On 25 5 PSI
    LIQUID TEMPERATURE: 130 Degrees Fahrenheit (54 Degrees Centigrade) Max.
    PRIME: Self-Priming Up To 9.0 Ft. Vertical, Max. Inlet Pressure 30 PSI (2.1 Bar)
    PORTS: 1/2″ – 14 Male Parallel Thread

    PLASTICS- Polypropylene
    VALVES- Santoprene
    DIAPHRAGM – Santoprene
    FASTENERS- Zinc Plated Steel
    NET WEIGHT: 5.3 Lbs (2.4 Kg)
    APPROVALS: UL, C-UL Listed, N.S.F. Listed

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  • Flexible Impeller Pump &#..

    Flexible Impeller Pump &#..


    The Euro 20 is a great pump for smaller production. Featuring a SS head with 1.5? TC fittings, this flexible impeller pump is great for moving wine or juice. We have this pump set up with a forward and reverse on/off switch on the body, simplifying operation.

    This unit comes with mounting points for if you want to mount it to a cart or filler/filter.


    Flow rate is 4.4 gpm
    1.5″ Tri-Clover inlet and outlet
    220V single phase Input Voltage Required
    Bare Cord for wiring with the appropriate plug
    0.5 HP motor
    Food grade to 150 degrees Fahrenheit
    SS head w/ Flexible Impeller

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  • Pump Centrifugal/Stainles..

    Pump Centrifugal/Stainles..


    A solid workhorse of a pump for winemakers who need a little more flow-rate than is available from a small electric diaphragm pump. A reliable option and a customer favorite year after year.

    Stainless steel body, housing and mounting bracket
    Food-grade plastic impeller
    Maximum Flow Rate of 13 gpm (0 head)
    Maximum Head of 70′
    1.5″ TC inlet & outlet
    110V, 0.85 HP motor
    14.5″ L x 7″W x 7″H
    15.4 lb

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  • Flexible Impeller Pump &#..

    Flexible Impeller Pump &#..


    The Euro 30 is a great versatile winery pump for all around cellar needs. The sanitary connections are 1.5″ TC to allow for easy hook up of hoses, filters, fillers, you name it. The 2 wheeled cart can make it into tight places in the winery, and scoots out of the way when not needed. With the included SS Bypass, you can reduce flow rates up to 25%. SS head and cart mean easy maintenance, and a power switch on the body keeps all necessary controls conveniently accessible.


    Flow rate is 19.8 gpm
    1.5″ Tri-Clover inlet and outlet
    220 v single phase Input Voltage Required (6.5 amp draw)
    1.5 HP motor
    Food grade to 150 degrees Fahrenheit
    Handy SS trolley cart for easy movement around the winery
    SS Bypass for reducing flow
    SS head w/ flexible impeller
    Light assembly required – pump is separate from cart in box
    220v bare cord – You will need to wire on the appropriate 220v plug

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  • Wine Pump – Rubber ..

    Wine Pump – Rubber ..


    Our best selling mid-size pump. Specially constructed to run at a slower, gentler flow rate than other pumps in its class, our PMP125 flexible impeller pump is easier on the product being pumped and less likely to run away from the user and make a mess (overflow a barrel, for example). At the same time, the high-torque motor helps ensure reliable impeller flipping for true bi-directional functionality.

    Maximum flow rate of 15 GPM
    Self-priming for easy use
    Max Head of 70 feet
    1.5″ Tri-Clover input and output
    220V single phase Input Voltage Required
    Comes with on/off switch and bare-wire electrical cord – no plug installed
    Food grade to 150 degrees Fahrenheit
    Includes stainless steel cart with durable plastic wheels

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  • Euro 30 Wine Pump with Re..

    Euro 30 Wine Pump with Re..


    The perfect pump for moving wine from one vessel to the other. These Flexible Impeller Pumps are controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive, allowing for wine or juice transfers as fast as 20 gallons per minute, down to a complete stop. A sturdy Stainless Steel cart with nylon wheels allows for easy manueverability in the winery, and a lifetime of use. The pump can be controlled from the panel itself, or remotely via the wired controller, giving this workhorse even more flexibility.

    We worked for a year to develop this particular pump with Enoitalia of Italy. The value and price are really amazing. So much that we stopped making our own line of Chunky Pumps at the end of 2016. Enoitalia has been making pumps for decades and while they are excellent at destemmer crushers and other equipment, pumps are their core specialty. We will support the pump in the USA with common spart parts but we also have the backing and support of Enoitalia if anything was to go wrong. Ordering during presale at 15% off is hands down the cheapest you will ever find this kind of pump.

    Stainless steel head with flexible rubber impeller
    Remote control with 40′ cord included
    VFD allows for flow rate from 0 to 19.8 gpm
    1.5″ Tri-Clover inlet and outlet
    220 v single phase Input voltage required (6.5 amp draw)
    1.5 HP motor
    Food grade to 150 degrees Fahrenheit
    Handy SS trolley cart for easy movement around the winery
    Please Note: This pump will NOT come with fittings. It will have 1.5″ Tri Clamp ferrules

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