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Create sweetness and mouth-feel with these sugars, which cannot be consumed by yeast and stay behind in your beer.

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  • Lactose



    One fourth as sweet as cane sugar (sucrose) and non-fermentable by yeast. Use lactose when you want to sweeten a dry or bitter wine or beer. Also used to add sweetness and body to beers such as sweet stouts (milk stouts). Add a small amount, mix, and taste. Lactose can be added until desired flavor is obtained. There is no fermentation period or rest needed, so wine/beer may be bottled immediately. Add to hot water and mix thoroughly before adding to wine/beer. Add at end of fermentation, before bottling.

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  • Maltodextrin



    Used to add body to a thin or lifeless beer or wine. It will increase the perception of body and mouthfeel giving it a fuller taste, without contributing any flavor of its own. It is unfermentable by standard beer and winemaking yeasts. Dextrins are composed of medium-length chains of glucose, and while unfermentable by yeast, it can be fermented by some bacteria.

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