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Corn Sugar & Carbonation Drops

Get your beer carbonated in the bottle with this assortment of bottle conditioning sugars.

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  • Brown Rice Syrup (3 lb)

    Brown Rice Syrup (3 lb)


    This 100% pure brown rice syrup provides proteins and amino acids necessary for yeast nutrition, head retention and body along with color and flavor. Because it is filtered, Clarified Brown Rice Syrup produces a very clear, finished beer without great difficulty or product loss often experienced when trying to filter out insoluble (but colloidal suspended) protein.

    This is a gluten free sugar source, and a great way to make gluten free beers!

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  • Cane Sugar

    Cane Sugar


    Cane sugar can be used for sweetening soda or other beverages, or for fermentation.

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  • Carbonation Drops –..

    Carbonation Drops –..


    Coopers carbonation drops. Great for easily carbonating a whole batch, or just a few bottles. Add 1 drop per 12 oz bottle, or 2 drops per 22oz bottle, and let carbonate at room temperature for 2 weeks.

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  • Corn Sugar

    Corn Sugar


    Pure corn sugar (Dextrose monohydrate) for use as an adjunct in brewing, for winemaking, or for priming bottle conditioned beers. Half as sweet as table sugar (sucrose), but it has a neutral flavor that will not change the taste of your fermented beverage.

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  • Demerara Sugar (1 lb)

    Demerara Sugar (1 lb)


    Otherwise known as Raw Sugar, Demerara sugar is about 97% sucrose, so most of it will ferment out, and will not impart much to the body of your beer. Generally used in darker beers, as the light brown color of the sugar will affect the color of your beer.

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