Clarifying Agents

Get your beer crystal clear with this assortment of wort and beer clarifiers.

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  • Biofine – 1L

    Biofine – 1L


    Store in cool, dry conditions above 41 degrees F and do not allow the product to freeze.

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  • Biofine Clear Clarifier 1..

    Biofine Clear Clarifier 1..


    A clarifier that has received attention on The Brewing Network and is used by several of our commercial brewer friends. While beers cloud for different reasons and there is not one silver bullet to clear all beers, Biofine has proven effective in most situations. It is an easy way to help ensure clarity without having to filter.

    Biofine strips out all remaining yeast in 24-48 hours! Speeds up the aging and clarify process by 2-3 weeks! You’ll find a layer of darker yeast that settles on top of your yeast bed in your fermenter. This layer is thicker than normal and acts as a blanket. This settling process avoids your yeast from being disturbed as you move your carboy. Biofine brings out maltiness and accentuates esters produced by yeast.

    Biofine Clear is a purified colloidal solution of silicic acid (SiO2) in water that has been specially formulated for the rapid sedimentation of yeast and other haze forming particles in beer. (Vegan friendly – no animal products) Shelf life is 24 months from date of manufacture, unopened.

    Dosage Rates: 1/4 Tbsp (3 ml or 1/10oz) to as much as 2 Tbsp (31 ml or 1 fluid oz.) per 5 gallon batch of beer.

    Store in cool, dry conditions above 41 degrees F and do not allow the product to freeze.

    Some beer styles don’t react with certain dose rates. You may have to add more to have an effect. We recommend starting small and increasing your dosage rates once per day until clarification takes place.

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  • Gelatin Clarifier

    Gelatin Clarifier


    A heat soluble, commercial quallity extra no. 1 grade, powered Gelatin.

    For Wine
    Gelatin will help to reduce cloudiness by removing colloidal substances. It has an overall tannin polishing effect, but still preserves the phenolic compounds responsible for structure (similar to fining with egg whites). Add at the rate of .2 to .35 grams per gallon.

    Maximum clarification and filter-ability achieved after one week. If you will be ageing the the wine, a second racking one week after the first racking is recommended. Do not leave gelatins in wine more than 30 days.

    For Beer
    Use 1/2 tsp for five gallons of beer. Dissolve gelatin into 1/4-1/2 cup of hot water to dissolve and add to beer. Wait a few days and rack off.

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  • Irish Moss – Flakes..

    Irish Moss – Flakes..


    Irish moss is a specific type of algae that is used as a thickener in a variety of products. In beer making, it is added during the last 15 minutes of the boil, to help coagulate and settle out proteins. It improves formation and compaction of the hot-break, the gelatinous mass that forms after boiling and during cooling. Some users recommend prior rehydration in water, or a full hour boil with Irish moss, but common usage is 15 minutes in the boil.

    Usage: _ – 1 tsp. per 5 gallons
    Chemical name: Chondrus crispus

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  • KICK Carrageenan Tablets ..

    KICK Carrageenan Tablets ..


    KICK Carrageenan? is a boil kettle flocculent based on very pure carageenan. Kick is more powerful than generic Irish Moss and correctly sized so that each tablet will treat 5 gallons of wort. The active ingreident, Kappa Carrageenan, is a high molecular weight polysaccharide derived from red seaweed.

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  • Whirlfloc (10 Tablets)

    Whirlfloc (10 Tablets)


    A blend of Irish Moss and purified Kappa Carrageenan that encourages the precipitation of haze-causing materials such as proteins and beta glucans. Add one tablet per 5 to 10 gallons of wort at the final 15 min of the boil.v

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