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3 Liter Oak Aging Barrel

3 Liter Oak Aging Barrel


Each 3 liter oak barrel includes a bung, spigot, stand, paper funnel and instruction card.

Coming in at 8” x 6.5” our 3-liter barrel is a great size for the true whiskey or wine enthusiast. Make larger batches of your favorite liquor, whiskey, brandy, tequila; even wine or beer can be improved in these 100% new American Oak barrels. These beautiful barrels will hold the contents of three-four 750 ml bottles of wine or spirits and yield 102 1 oz. shots. Known for our perfect medium char, these barrels are ideal for nearly any drink imparting a light natural taste. Care for a more intense taste? Simply leave it the barrel for a few more weeks – if you can stand the wait! Created to the highest standards by multi-generational coopers, these barrels are built to withstand the test of time and are meant to be used over and over, giving you years of pleasure. One of the many advantages of aging liquor or whiskey at home is that the barrel, while it imparts its flavor into the liquor it holds, also absorbs some of the taste and qualities of the liquor as well. Each batch will contribute to the delicious richness of the one to follow, giving you a unique signature flavor unmatched by anyone else. For more adventure, or simply to follow the latest trend of flavoring liquors try out our fabulous flavoring kits, they work perfectly with our barrels to create a rich taste that will surpass anything you can buy at the store and all for a fraction of the cost. Your friends will be impressed with what you are able to create, and you will enjoy your liquor exactly the way you like it, aged and flavored to perfection. When you’ve achieved the taste you desire, simply move the contents back to a bottle (where the aging will stop) and start again on your next creation. The possibilities are endless! Each oak aging barrel comes with a wooden spigot, a bung, a stand and a medium char.

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