Prune Wine – Awesome Recipe for a Delicious Drink

A prune is a dried plum with a distinctive taste and fragrance. Prunes are used as an additive to various desserts, pastry, and cocktails. Homemade prune wine is one of the most unique and delicious alcoholic drinks that you can make with no hassle.

Thanks to natural dehydration plums not only have complex palate but also contain a lot of healthy substances. That’s why natural prune wine consumed in moderate amounts can be very beneficial in prophylactic and general tonic sense. It can also be used to treat vitamin deficiency and cold.


  • Prunes – 1.2-1.3 kilos
  • Sugar – 2 kilos
  • Water – 7 liters

How to Make Prune Wine

This simple prune wine recipe will definitely score points with connoisseurs of natural alcoholic drinks. To prepare wash you’ll need yeast, which is quite beneficial for people with intestinal issues.

There is no need to rinse the dried fruits before the winemaking process—simply sorting them out and removing spoilt, moldy fruits is enough. Blend the prunes in a blender or put them through a meat grinder and put the homogenous puree in a one-liter jar. Add 2-3 tbsp of sugar, stir, and pour in a cup of warm water.

Wine Fermentation Starter

Move the fermentation starter to a warm place for 4 days to let it ferment. Once fermentation has stopped, prepare a wash from the remaining prunes, sugar, and water. Grind up the prunes, put the puree in a glass jar or enamel stock pot, add sugar and water. The water should be slightly warm to dissolve sugar. Stir the wash, add the starter, and cover with an airlock of any design.

You can even use a simple medical glove with a pierced finger for this purpose.

Fermentation Airlock

After about a month your homemade prune wine should be ready. However, without maturation, it will be of pretty low quality. To let the prune wine mature, decant it into clean bottles, cap them, and leave for 70-90 days.

Homemade Prune Wine

Move the bottles to a fridge, cellar or any other chilly room. Serve chilled or add it to a cold tea.

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