Pine Nut Infusion Recipe


  • Ethanol – 1 cup
  • Pine Nuts – 1 cup

In order to make a pine nut infusion, you’ll need a 2 or 3-liter jar with a lid, cup of pine nuts, and bottle of vodka.

Pine Nut Ethanol Infusion Recipe

Pine nut infusion takes about 4 weeks to prepare, but in just 2 weeks you’ll already be able to try it.

If you use ethanol one cup of it is enough, but it makes for a very strong infusion which you’ll have to dilute with water or warm tea. The most optimal option is to buy a bottle of decent vodka and dilute ethanol with it in a 1:1 ratio.

Prior to making the pine nut infusion, you should first thoroughly wash the nuts. Take a deep bowl or plate, pour raw pine nuts into it and pour them over with cold water. Stir them up in order to clear the shells and then leave the nuts for a few minutes. The seeds will rise to the surface—gather them with a spoon or by hand and put into a cooking pot.

Pour over the washed nuts with boiling water and leave for 5-7 minutes to let them warm up. When the water gets a little colder pour it off through a colander. Then pour them over with boiling water again. All of this is required to remove resin from nuts’ surface.

Thanks to this preparation procedure your pine nut l infusion will obtain a nice brandy shade and fragrant flavor.

Put the washed pine nuts into a clean jar. Dilute ethanol with clear water and pour it into the jar, sealing it with a plastic lid afterward. You can also use jars with tin screw caps which are used for canned vegetables. Stir the mixture—just shake the jar a few times and store it in a dark place. The shelf-life of pine nut ethanol infusion is infinite. I recommend tasting not earlier than in two weeks.

If you want to make a high-quality infusion don’t forget about it at this stage—you should shake it once a day.

The Main Uses of Pine Nut Ethanol Infusion

Pine nut ethanol infusion’s use is very diverse—you can consume it for prophylactic, curative, and recreational purposes, but you can also simply enjoy it as it is a wonderful drink.

You can drink it neat or add it to tea, water or different juices. When drinking it medicinally consume 30-40 ml of it daily. In case of joint conditions or hearing defects take 15-20 drops a day before meals for a month. Pour clear cool water into a shot glass and dilute infusion in it.

To treat cardiovascular or eye diseases and just for immune stimulation dilute one teaspoon of pine nut infusion in half a cup of water. Drink it before meals three times a day.

This drink is strong—at least 40% ABV—that’s why you should drink it responsibly.

Similarly, you can make this infusion using only nutshells. The obtained beverage will be just as fragrant and healthy because most vitamins are contained in nutshells.

Pine nuts are perfect for improving digestion but since they are high in oils you should be careful. If you experience liver problems you should drink just a few drops of pine nut infusion.

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