Oat and Honey vodka recipe by Seth Godin

Recently I was reading a book by Tim Ferris “Tools of Titans” and discovered there Oat and Honey vodka recipe by Seth Godin. Recipe looks very simple, but I am sure taste will be brilliant – especially when it looks so delicious.


  • 1 Liter of Vodka (Not cheapest, nor too expensive)
  • 3/4 cup raw honey
  • 2 cups rolled oats, preferably organic (not instant)


1. Add all the ingredients together and mix all the ingredients very well. Make sure to put all the ingredients in a container which can be closed, preferably use glass – but food plastic is also a good option.

2. Keep refrigerated for 5 days, shaking the mixture vigorously once a day. (Can be refrigerated longer for stronger infusion – it’s the same as with oak – the longer it stays the stronger becomes the taste)

3. After 5 days or more, strain mixture through a cheesecloth-lined fine-mesh strainer into a clean container. That’s it drink is ready to be served. If not consumed – keep it refrigerated.

4. Your self-made delicious Honey and oat vodka is ready for serving.

Oat and honey vodka recipe

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