Moonshine Kit

Below is a Moonshine kit, perfect for beginners, listing everything you need to get started in making your first batch of Moonshine. All products are listed on Amazon, making it super easy & convenient to order!

With an initial investment of just $350US for your Moonshine Kit, you will have all the equipment to make your own Moonshine at home. You will then be able to make 1.2 Liters of Moonshine at a cost of $22US (purchasing all the consumables from Amazon) If you were to find a stockist local to your home for the consumables, you will be able to bring the Moonshine costs down even further.


Still Spirits Air Still

Fermenting Equipment

Still Spirits Fermenting Equipment

Sugar Wash Ingredients

Still Spirits Sugar Wash Ingredients

Hydrometer Alcohol Test Kit

Alcohol Meter Test Kit



Air Still Carbon Cartridges

Air Still Carbon Cartridge

White Sugar Granulated

White Sugar Granulated
You will need x2 of these to have enough for one full sugar wash fermentation.

Flavoring (Optional Extra)

If you would like to flavor your Moonshine Kit, choose one of the following:
Whiskey EssenceBourbon Essence
Gin EssenceRum Essence

Funnel with strainer & filter (Optional Extra)

Funnel with strainer & filter
This product makes life so much easier when your bottling your Moonshine, if you already have a funnel in the kitchen you will get by using that. But I highly recommend purchasing this Funnel with strainer & filter, you will use it many many times in the kitchen, especially if you continue home distilling as a hobby. Very handy for making cocktails and the like.

Bottles (Optional Extra)

Glass Bottle 750ml (Round Heavy Base)
If you already have bottles at home to bottle your Moonshine then there’s no need to include this in your Moonshine Kit. But if you don’t have anything to bottle the Moonshine, then I highly recommend buying some bottles such as these, if you want less than 12 you can purchase as single bottles here (you will need at least x2 bottles for your Moonshine Kit), though purchasing as a pack of 12 as seen below is much more cost effective.