Moonshine Equipment

Below is a list of all the Moonshine Equipment I recommend, making it easy for you to get started making Moonshine at home.

Distilling Moonshine Equipment

Alcohol Distiller (Electric)
The most user friendly alcohol distiller on the market! If your a beginner distiller, then I highly recommend you consider making the Still Spirits Air Still your first distiller. It’s the most simple to use, convenient and cost effective alcohol distiller available.
I’ve put together a Moonshine Kit including the Still Spirits Air Still, listing everything you need to get started in making your first batch of moonshine at home!
Even if you’re experienced distiller like me, the Still Spirits Air Still is great for testing new small scale batches, rather than risking a full run whilst you’re experimenting with new flavors etc. The Still Spirits Air Still will give you many years of service, from beginner to advanced, it’s a great product that I highly recommend.
Alcohol Distiller (Stovetop)
This is a great entry level alcohol distiller for those who wish to get started home distilling and want to try it the traditional way! The VEVOR Alcohol Distiller requires a stovetop as it’s heating source, as well as connecting water pipes for cooling/condensing the alcohol vapor back into liquid. It’s a cost effective way to cut your teeth on traditional alcohol distilling, requiring a bit of setting up and tweaking to get it running smoothly.
But after you’ve made a couple runs with it, you will know whether this hobby is for you or not. If you decide to continue distilling, you will have gained the knowledge and experience by practicing on the VEVOR Alcohol Distiller, to then move up to a professional still, knowing what you want in your next still and how you plan to use it going forward.

Fermenting Moonshine Equipment

Fermenting Kit
Stainless Steel Pot
Grain Grinder
Kitchen Scales
Fermenter (Stainless Steel)
Fermenter (Plastic)
Funnel with strainer & filter
Glass fermentation jars (1 gal x4)

Bottling Moonshine Equipment

Glass Moonshine Bottle 750ml (Round Heavy Base)
Glass Moonshine Bottle 750ml (Rectangular)
Flip top glass bottle (ageing/second fermentation)