Homemade melon vodka

Melon moonshineIf you follow the production process, the melon moonshine will be soft with subtle fruit notes. It is important to remove the peels and seeds which give unpleasant bitter taste. You can use substandard overripe melons, preferably the sweetest. First, be sure to cut out the rotten and moldy parts.


  • Melons – 33 lbs/15 kg
  • Sugar – 3.3 lbs/1.5 kg (not necessary)
  • Wine yeasts – 0.88 oz/25 grams (5.2 oz/150 grams of compressed yeasts or broth)

On the average there’s 2.8 oz/80 grams of sugar in 2 lbs/1 kg of melon. This means that in order to get 0.3 gl/1 liter of 40 degree melon moonshine you need 26-30 lbs/12-14 kg of melons. In order to increase the yield by 2.5 times I recommend adding sugar, it won’t spoil the quality. The fruits contain more than 90% of liquid, thus if you follow the right proportions you won’t need water.

There are no yeasts in the melons pulp. To avoid the brew from souring you should add artificial dry, compressed or distillers yeast. Alternatively, you can make broth from raisins or fresh berries, but such brew would effervesce five to six times longer.

Melon Brew Recipe

1. Split the fruits in two halves, remove the seeds. Gently scrape out the ripe pulp with a spoon and smash it to obtain juice. Seeds, peels, and the green unripe pulp make moonshine bitter, they should not get into the brew.

2. Pour the juice into a fermentation container, add sugar (optional), yeasts or broth distilled according to the manual on a label. Stir it.

3. Install airlock on the bottleneck. Check for tightness, to make sure air won’t get in.

4. Leave the melon brew in a dark place with a temperature of 64.4-80.6°F/18-27°C. With wine yeasts, the fermentation will last for 5-10 days (But check the Wine Yeast package as fermentation times may vary)

5. When the airlock stops bobbling (the glove deflates), the must gets brighter and bitter, pour the fermented brew from the sediment (you can filter it through gauze) into a distillatory vessel of a moonshine still.

6. Distill the brew for the first time, drawing off the overhead product, until the potency of the stream drops below 30%.

7. Dilute the obtained (possibly cloudy) liquid with water up to 18-20% and then distill it for the second time.

8. Draw off the first 100-150 ml into a separate container. That’s a harmful cut fraction which can be used for technical purposes only. Due to the high content of hazardous materials, it is dangerous to drink it.

9. Finish drawing off the main product while the potency drops below 40 degrees.

10. Dilute the melon moonshine with water up to 40-45%. Let it mature for 2-3 days in a dark cold place before trying it.

Ready melon moonshine

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