The story of this legendary American whiskey is full of mysteries. No one knows the original recipe for sure to this day. Rumor has it, the original recipe includes water from a special source located in Cave Springs, Arkansas, and the drink itself is aged in white oak barrels.

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Recipe

But nevertheless, skillful masters have managed to come up with a recipe for a homemade Jack Daniel’s. The shared recipe well let you create an almost perfect imitation of the famous alcoholic drink.

Before you start, make sure that you have such ingredients as corn and rye flour, barley malt or pressed yeast and last but not least—purified water. Upon checking these ingredients you can grasp the nettle.

First, mix flour and malt in this ratio: 80% corn flour, 8% rye flour, 12% finely ground barley groats.

Pour this mixture over with 2.5 times hot water.

Stir the obtained mass thoroughly and leave it in a warm place at 55°С. Stir the wort for an hour and then cool it down to 25°С.

After 10 hours, it’s time to add yeast: 5 grams of dry yeast per 1 kilo for grains or 25 grams of pressed yeast.

Please note that the wash should be kept in a warm place away from any vibrations or shakes.

Experts suggest installing an airlock on a fermentation container. The fermentation process will end in just 5 days.

Homemade recipe for Jack Daniel’s whiskey requires a mandatory distillation procedure. To carry this out, you’ll need to remove “tails” fraction: this can be achieved by running distillation at 95°С.

To clear the obtained moonshine, you’ll have to use a charcoal pillar, which must be equipped with a cotton wool filter. Maple charcoal, which is traditionally used in the production American whiskey, can be replaced with coconut charcoal.

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Please note that thorough clearing requires fine-ground charcoal.

In order for the homemade drink to obtain characteristic traits of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, it requires aging in a charred oak barrel or a container with toasted oak chips.

American whiskey should age in a place with room temperature.

Opinions differ widely on the actual aging time of this whiskey. Many insist that you should wait at least 8 months before drinking your homemade whiskey. Others say that 5 months is enough.


The Right Way to Drink Jack Daniel’s

In order to understand how to drink this whiskey in the most efficient way, you should keep in mind that it has a unique rich flavor. This remarkable aroma with smoky hints can be fully appreciated only if drank neat.

But what is a proper Jack Daniel’s accompaniment and what food goes well with this sophisticated drink? Sometimes this drink is mixed with lemon or apple juice and ice.

There’s a common misconception that American whiskey should be served chilled. Few people know that the taste of this drink can be fully appreciated only if it’s cooled down to 20°C.

Jack Daniel’s is usually served in tulip-shaped glasses. In this way, true connoisseurs of this whiskey manage to fully enjoy its aroma and taste.

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