Homemade Persimmon Infusion with Oranges

Persimmon infusion is an exotic dessert drink with citrus hints of orange. It goes really well with desserts and is served chilled.

To prepare this infusion you’ll need any variety of persimmon. It’s preferable to use slightly unripe fruits with thick pulp as it makes the filtration process easier.

You can use vodka, 40-45% ethanol, clarified fruit or sugar moonshine. You can also use cheap but real cognac—this will add hints of aging.


  • 4-5 average-sized persimmons
  • 3 oranges
  • Vodka (40-45% ethanol, moonshine) – 1 liter
  • Sugar – 200 grams

Persimmon Infusion Recipe

  1. Treat to oranges with boiling water, then wash them with tap water and wipe dry. Peel them using a swivel peeler or knife by removing the white part from the outer part (zest). Do this for all four oranges—keep only segments of pulp without the white parts or seeds which give out bitterness.
  2. Wash the persimmons, peel them and dice the pulp in 4-6 cm pieces.
  3. Put the persimmon pieces in a glass fermentation vessel, add orange segments (each cut into 2-3 small pieces) and zest. Pour in sugar and close the vessel. Shake it a few times to mix the ingredients.
  4. Leave the container in a warm place for 2-3 days until sugar turns into syrup.
  5. Add the alcohol base (vodka, ethanol or moonshine) and stir. Seal the vessel and let it infuse for 15 days in a dark place with room temperature. Shake it once every 2-3 days.
  6. Filter the homemade persimmon infusion through a few layers of cheesecloth. Don’t squeeze the pulp, just let the liquid pour out of it. To make the drink clear filter through cotton wool or coffee filter, but you can leave it as it is with the pulp—this won’t affect its taste or aroma.
  7. Bottle the infusion for storing and seal it. Leave it in a fridge for at least 3-4 days to let the taste stabilize.

Homemade persimmon infusion’s shelf life is up to 2 years. 26-28% ABV.

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