Ginger Beer recipe

Alcoholic and Non-Alcohol Homemade Ginger Beer recipes

Among all types of beer there’s one that stands apart – ginger beer (ale). Actually, this beverage is reminiscent of real beer only because of its color and foam, in the classic form, it’s a low-alcohol beer. But we’ll look at a few recipes which allow making alcoholic and low-alcohol homemade ginger beer. It’s distinguished from the store-bought counterparts only by natural ingredients.

Ginger beer is a sweet highly carbonated beverage of cloudy-brown color with the strongly pronounced ginger aroma. It’s drunk chilled in its pure form or is used as a component for cocktails with strong liquors (whiskey, gin, vodka, etc.).

The ginger beer tastes like usual rye beer but slightly sweeter. Instead of the malt base, it uses a mixture consisting of lemon, cane sugar, and ginger. The beverages founder is an American pharmacist and surgeon Thomas Cantrell. The first recipe was published in the 70-s of XIX century.

Non-Alcohol Ginger Beer Recipe

• Ginger root 0.7-1 inches/2-2.5 cm
• Sugar – 2 tablespoons
• Lemon – 1 fruit
• Mint – 2-3 leaves
• Mineral Water – 0.2-0.4 gl/1-1.5 liters

The Recipe:
1. Grate the ginger root and mix it with sugar.
2. Add lemon juice, stir it up.
3. Pour the mixture with carbonated mineral water, infuse it for 5 minutes.
4. Filter the ginger beer through gauze, add mint and few lemon slices, serve the beverage.

Non alcoholic homemade ginger beer recipe
Non alcoholic homemade ginger beer recipe

In this simple recipe we went without yeasts. There’s another technology of ginger beer making when the beverage is made by fermenting the ingredients. But this process takes more time.

Ginger Beer Recipe (With alcohol)

• Crushed ginger – 0.88 oz/25 grams
• Sugar – 14 oz/400 grams
• White wine – 150 ml
• Water – 1 gl/4 liters
Dry yeasts

The recipe:

1. Mix ginger with sugar and wine, pour it with boiled hot water and let it cool down to 86°F/30°C.

2. Add dry yeasts.

3. In 2-3 hours when the fermentation becomes visible, pour the ginger beer into a fermentation container and install airlock

4. After 2 days filter the beverage through gauze, bottle it, tightly seal with corks, and put it into a fridge.

5. After one day of maturing in the fridge the ginger ale is ready. Thanks to carbon dioxide it sparkles just like real beer.

Homade Ginger beer recipe
Homade Ginger beer recipe

Features of ginger beer:
• Its second name is ginger lemonade
• It perfectly combines with whiskey
• Harry Potter protagonists often drink low-alcohol ginger beer
• It’s used for curing in case of digestive troubles, headache, and cough
• Teetotal people substitute champagne with low-alcohol ginger ale

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