Coffee Beer recipe

Coffee beer recipeRecently, fans of coffee & beer mix got an unexpected surprise from several breweries–coffee beer which, as the creators assure, combines the taste and useful properties of both beverages. I suggest we learn more about this new alcoholic masterpiece. Also, let’s consider one of the popular homemade coffee beer recipes.

Coffee beer is a low-alcohol beverage with 0-8% ABV which stimulates the nervous system, quenches thirst, has a unique incomparable taste. Coffee beer is supposed to be served cooled to 8-12 °C.

Some manufacturers advertise coffee beers as a remedy for a hangover. You should take a dim view of such advice because caffeine combined with alcohol can adversely affect the health of a person suffering from alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

British brewers from Meantime company were the first ones to come up with combining beer and coffee. Their 4% ABV beverage consists of thoroughly roasted Rwanda Robusta (a type of coffee) and local barley. 330 ml bottle contains the same amounts of caffeine as a regular cup of Joe.

Upon reviewing the success of the British beverage Starbucks and Redhook decided to brew coffee beer in the USA. They combined their efforts and presented the world with a special recipe of espresso which can now be ordered in any coffee house of these companies around the world.

Then food nutrition giant Nestle joined the race to the top of coffee beer. Nestle launched a product called “Coffee-Beer” which was different from anything else because it had no alcohol. Its brewing process includes the use of fermented coffee beans. This is a non-alcoholic beverage with a traditional coffee taste and stable beer foam.

This type of beer received a warm welcome from many fans. Now, a lot of breweries have this beverage in stock.

Coffee Beer Recipe

We’ll be making a homemade coffee beer like a cocktail.


  • Coffee — 200 ml
  • Dark beer — 200 ml

The recipe:

  1. Prepare strong coffee (preferably brewed) without sugar and cool it to room temperature.
  2. Mix cool strong coffee and dark beer (stout) in a 1:1 ratio.

homemade coffee beer

Homemade Coffee Beer

Not all of my buddies liked coffee beer, only a few of them highly appreciated its taste. Nevertheless, I think everyone should try it out. You can also modify the recipe by adding other ingredients like sugar or dairy cream.

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