Cherry beer recipe – Do it yourself!

Cherry beer recipe

In traditional brewing technology, they use only hops, malt, water, and yeast. But the Belgian experts went on and came up with cherry beer. Many liked the fruit taste, so cherry beer has become popular not only in Belgium but also in other countries. Nowadays you can buy in the store or make it at home following a simple recipe.

Cherry beer is an alcoholic beverage, which is a form of Lambic (Belgian beer), during the production of which dried red cherries are added to barrels before the fermentation. In Belgium cherry beer is called “Kriek” (“The Scream”). In Flemish (local) dialect of Dutch language dark red cherries, which are added to beer, are called this way.

Legend has it that cherry beer first appeared during the Crusades. One of the Belgians after returning home decided to make a red wine colored drink (blood of Christ). For this he added cherries to a local beer.

Kriek a cherry beer
Kriek cherry beer

According to ancient recipes, cherry beer was kept in barrels for 2-3 months and then bottled. This beverage has an intense red color, sweet and sour cherry flavor and thick, fragrant foam. Its aftertaste is somewhat reminiscent of almonds, which is not typical for other types of beer.

In Belgium, besides cherry beer they make other types of fruit brewed beers –raspberry and peach beers. Crimson brand is called “Frambozen”, peach is called “Peche.” They are also very popular. Besides Belgium cherry beer is also brewed in other countries such as the Czech Republic and Germany. But in these countries, the taste and making technique are slightly different from the Belgian version.

In big cities, you can buy cherry beer in supermarkets or liquor stores. It can also be ordered online. This beer is delivered from Belgium, so don’t expect it to be cheap.

Cherry beer recipe

Homemade Cherry Beer Recipe

• Cherries – 7.7 lbs/3.5 kg
• Sugar – 6.6 lbs/3 kg
• Cream of tartar – 3.5 oz/100 grams (Optional)
• Lemon – 1 pc
Honey – 3 tbsp
Coriander seeds – 0.13 oz/60 grams
Brewer’s yeast – 2 tbsp
• Water – 5.2 gl/20 liters

The Recipe:

1. Remove cherry pits, grind cherries into a puree and pour them with 4.5 gl/17 liters of water.

2. Dissolve sugar and cream of tartar in 0.8 gl/3 liters of water and then simmer it to bring the solution to a boil and cool it down.

3. Put the prepared syrup and cherries drenched with water to a wooden tub. Then add toasted coriander seeds and brewer’s yeast. Stir it up.

4. Cover the tub with a napkin and leave it in a warm place for 3 days.

5. Remove zest from the lemon, cut the peeled fruit into slices. Knead the slices and mix them with honey (Do not add zest here – keep it separate for step 6).

6. Bring the mixture prepared in step 5 to a boil and boil it for 4-5 minutes. After cooling, add the liquid with the zest to beer and mature it for 2 days.

7. Filter the prepared beverage through gauze and pour it into small bottles, cork tightly and put them in a cool place. After 14-16 days you can taste the homemade cherry beer.

Cherry beer beverage
Cherry beer beverage

Caution! The beverage that we prepared will only have a similar taste like a cherry beer which is brewed in the brewery. It’s impossible to replicate same beer at home since a completely different technology preparation is used for brewing.

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