Can You Get Fat From Beer? The Right Answer to the Question

Can you get fat from beer

Can You Get Fat From Beer?

Drinking beer leads to weight gain, that’s what its opponents say. Indeed, many beer enthusiasts have a visible “beer” belly of impressive size. But its appearance is only indirectly related to beer. The real reason lies in other aspects of beer culture.

In some countries, beer is called “liquid bread” because it’s made from barley. Hence the myth of its high caloric content arose. In fact, beer is one of the most low-calorie alcoholic beverages, with only 29-53 kcal per 3.5 oz/100 grams. For comparison, the calorie content vodka is 231-250, that is 8-10 times more.
Now let’s think, with what are we used to chase down beer? Usually with high-calorie snacks: peanuts, potato chips, crackers, fish, etc. Eating these foods often and in large quantities makes beer enthusiasts get fatter in plain view.

Another important issue – after a few bottles of beer, most people get a gargantuan appetite. Carbon dioxide contained in the beverage expands the stomach irritating receptors. The organism begins to demand more food. As a result, along with beer, we eat a huge amount of high-calorie foods.

Conclusion: people get fat not because of beer, but because of all of the snacks they eat along with it.

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