Brewing and Distilling Equipment

See below a list of equipment I’ve either used myself, or has been recommended by experienced brewers or distillers.
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I appreciate any feedback with the products listed below, please contact me if you have any bad experiences with any, I will remove any that I see not fit to recommend.
Happy Brewing and Distilling!

Just Getting Started List


This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to start brewing beer at home today including testing equipment, a brew kettle and a amber ale recipe kit.
Perfect for the first time home brewer, pop your brewing cherry by following the instructions supplied.
This kit will last you many brews, and if you get the brewing bug (like most of us), you can use this kit as a stepping stone to gain experience (and drinking beer along the way), then you can move up to more expensive and sophisticated setups.


Great entry level alcohol distiller, comes with all the parts you need to make your first batch of shine, just source your ingredients and your good to go.
If you made the occasional batch, this kit would last many years if you looked after it.
Once you’ve got a few batches down, and you feel like this hobby might be something you’d like to do more often, then you may consider moving up to a more expensive model, but this will do just fine for anyone looking to start off.
Check out a review of this still by an expert distiller, STILL REVIEW by Barley and Hops Brewing, using this exact model during one of his test video’s, he advocated this was a perfect starter distiller.