Blackcurrant Vodka—Four Simple Recipes

Dilute the prepared infusion with clean water till you get desired ABV and then let it infuse for another day. After this, filter the drink and it’s ready to go.


  • Alcohol base – 1 liter
  • Blackcurrants – 500 grams
  • 4 leaves

The Simplest Method of Infusing Vodka with Blackcurrant

Blackcurrant is a treasure trove of various vitamins and healthy microelements. In addition, these berries are sweet and moderately sour. These great organoleptic properties and availability make blackcurrant very popular among moonshiners and winemakers. You can use vodka, moonshine or ethanol for the alcohol base. A bright flavor and pleasant taste of blackcurrant remove any bad smell or aftertaste of the final beverage.

When choosing the berries pay attention to their quality: they have to be un­­damaged and without any rotten parts. Remove any spoilt berries in order to protect the final product.

Wash the berries and desiccate them. Then put the blackcurrants in a bottle and pour them over with alcohol. Add the leaves. Let the mixture infuse for 7 days in a dark place. Filter the infusion through the funnel with a piece of white cotton wool.

Blackcurrant Vodka with Caraway

Vodka infused with blackcurrants can be prepared in different ways. You can also add different additives which in their turn can change the taste and aroma.

This recipe will let you make blackcurrant vodka with spicy caraway.


  • ½ kilo of blackcurrant
  • 1 tsp of caraway
  • Leaves – 50 grams
  • Vodka – 1.5 liter

Wash the berries with tap water and desiccate them. Make sure that there are no spoilt berries. Grind the caraway but not to dust. Use a potato masher to mash the blackcurrants and then bring them to a boil—this makes them give out all of their taste and aroma. Crush the leaves slightly by hands, put them in the bottom of a 3-liter jar, pour over with caraway and chilled berries. Seal the jar with a thick plastic lid and leave in a warm dark place. Let the beverage infuse for 2 weeks. After this, you can filter the beverage and bottle it.

Caraway softens the drink, makes it refreshing and quite unusual.

Blackcurrant Vodka with Syrup

The simplest recipe for infusing vodka with blackcurrant and adding syrup lets you create a very fragrant 15-17% ABV homemade liqueur. The leaves enhance the aroma, and syrup reduces the strength of the drink. It’s important to use high-quality vodka.


  • Blackcurrant – 500 grams
  • 4 leaves
  • Water – 400 ml
  • Sugar – 500 grams
  • Vodka – 0.5 liter

Wash the berries and leaves, let them dry out, put them in a bottle, and pour them over with alcohol. Seal the bottle and leave it in a dark place for 3 weeks for infusion. Shake the contents of the bottle without opening it every 4 days.

After 3 weeks, filter the infusion, squeeze juice from the berries and discard. Cook the syrup. Mix sugar and water, bring to a boil and let it cool down. Mix the infusion with syrup and let the mixture infuse in a cold place for another week.

Keep the prepared liqueur in dark bottles in a fridge. Serve chilled.

You can infuse the mixture for longer than 3 weeks. This will make its color more vibrant but also decrease its strength.

Vodka Infused with Blackcurrant Leaves and Buds

This is one of the most pleasant and fragrant infusions. In order to make it, you’ll need juvenile leaves and buds from blackcurrant shrubs. It turns out that blackcurrant leaves contain same vitamins and microelements found in fruits themselves. There’s even much more vitamin C. Collect buds and leaves from shrubs in dry weather. Avoid plants that grow near roads. Put them all in a sieve, wash away any dust and desiccate on a dry towel.


  • Blackcurrant leaves and buds
  • Water – 5 liter
  • Honey – 1 tbsp

The exact amount of leaves depends on their size. Fill up a 1-liter jar with the prepared leaves, no need in tramping them down. Pour them over with vodka, seal the jar and leave it for a week. After that mix, the contents, add honey and infuse for 2 weeks.

Filter the infusion through a glass funnel filled with white filter paper or cotton wool. Don’t squeeze out the cotton wool as it contains muddy sediment which can muddy the liquid.

Such infusion retains the aroma of juvenile herbs and features green shade as well as an unusual but pleasant flavor.

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