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The importance of Oak in Wine Production

There is a very important link between wine and oak, and it is one that should be investigated a little bit further. This is of particular interest because oak wine barrels have traditionally been utilized to ferment and age wine for hundreds of years. Think of oak as being a special flavoring in the wine barrels, and it makes wine more palatable. Which Wines Usually Go Through Oak Fermentation and Aging? There are plenty of red wine barrels that go through this process. They include wine barrels such as Chianti, Pinotage, Tempranillo, Cabernet Saurignon, Zinfandel, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Merlot...

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Oak Barrels for Agging drinks

Distilleries normally use large 53-gallon oak barrels to age their spirits because they are more concerned with a larger volume to satisfy their large customer base.  Since you only want to age enough of your favorite liquor and wine for you and your friends and family you don’t need to use a 53-gallon oak barrel.  By using one of our 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, or 20 liter American White Oak Barrels to age you can do it much faster. The main reason is that the ratio of liquor in contact with the wood at any given time is much greater...

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Home Brewing Tips to avoid Bottle Bomb (Bottle explosion)

Making home beer is an incredibly interesting hobby, but every starting homebrewer may face some difficulties, especially common thing is bottle bombs or bottle explosion.  Bottle Bombs are created when the pressure from bottle carbonating homebrew builds past the tolerance of the bottle. So what can be done to prevent bottle explosion in the future? Also is it possible to save bottles that haven’t exploded yet? Thes guidelines and tips will help you prevent your delicious homemade beer from bottle bombs, bottle explosions. 1. Use High-Quality Ingredients Be careful when purchasing ingredients – particularly those that look like they...

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Oat and Honey vodka recipe by Seth Godin

Recently I was reading a book by Tim Ferris “Tools of Titans” and discovered there Oat and Honey vodka recipe by Seth Godin. Recipe looks very simple, but I am sure taste will be brilliant – especially when it looks so delicious. Ingredients: 1 Liter of Vodka (Not cheapest, nor too expensive) 3/4 cup raw honey 2 cups rolled oats, preferably organic (not instant) Instructions: 1. Add all the ingredients together and mix all the ingredients very well. Make sure to put all the ingredients in a container which can be closed, preferably use glass – but food plastic is...

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Vodka or Beer? Pros and Cons of These Beverages

Vodka or Beer? Among the variety of alcoholic beverages the most popular in Russia are beer and vodka. It is difficult to give preference to one of them. To facilitate the choice I suggest we carry out a comparative analysis that will help us understand what is better: beer or vodka. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each alcohol. The following arguments are made in defense of beer: • Pleasant taste and smell • Good thirst quencher • Contains a minimal amount of alcohol • Has a tonic effect • Intoxication occurs gradually, so easier to control...

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