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Honey Moonshine Recipes – Sugar and Sugar-Free

If you have old honey and you don’t feel like eating it, you can use it to make honey moonshine. This time we’ll look over two recipes for honey moonshine: one with sugar and other sugar-free. The resulting honey distillate is of pretty high quality, and it has almost indistinguishable honey fragrance. Whether you choose to add sugar or not it won’t affect the organoleptic properties of your homemade drink. Keep in mind that honey moonshine has nothing to do with mead. These two alcoholic beverages are made in different ways, they have different flavors and ABV. The classic...

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Schnapps – Fruit Moonshine Recipes

In Germany, schnapps is considered a perfect drink for a fine bunch. This drink is respected in Germany just like vodka in Russia or cognac in France. The technology behind making this drink is very close to that of moonshine, but there are a few important differences. Let’s go over the ways of drinking and making different types of schnapps at home. Schnapps is a common name used for a group of strong liquors (38-40 degrees) obtained by double distilling fruit or grain wash without sugar or artificial yeast (baker’s or distiller’s), as well as other ingredients. It tastes...

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Ginger Infused Vodka & Ginger Liqueur Recipes

Ginger has a fragrant peppery taste that is in some ways superior to common hot pepper when making an infused vodka drink. Adding other suitable ingredients such as honey or lemon greatly improves the taste of your homemade ginger drink. The two following recipes for ginger infused vodka and ginger liqueur will let you make this delicious drink at home. These recipes rely on a proven methodology, which gained recognition among the set of homemade alcohol connoisseurs. Fresh ginger should be smooth and thick but have a thin peel. Wrinkles, spots, and visible fibers are a sign that the...

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Mango Liqueur – Easy Infused Vodka Recipe

This simple mango liqueur made with strong liquor has a delicious flavor and fragrance characteristic of this exotic fruit. You can use both ripe and overripe mangos. Their pulp should contain no rot or mold. If there are any, cut these parts out. Store-bought vodka, ethanol diluted to 40-45%, well-distilled moonshine without an unpleasant smell or brandy can be used for the base alcohol. Brandy gives out light tannin notes of oak barrel aging. Mango Infused Vodka Recipe Ingredients: 1 mango Base alcohol 0.5 liters Sugar – 50-150 grams (to taste) Ripe mangos are generally sweet and most often...

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Apricot Liqueur – Two Proven Recipes

The technology behind making apricot liqueur at home it is fairly simple—all you need is enough apricots. Let’s go over the two best recipes (with vodka and fermentation method) that will yield a fragrant drink with a beautiful rich shade. Ripe apricots of any varieties can be used to make homemade apricot liqueur. They should be as sweet as possible, though. First, sort the fruits and remove any spoilt or moldy ones. Then rinse and dry them. Apricot kernels contain harmful prussic acid, which upon ingestion can cause serious poisoning. That’s why it is recommended to play it safe...

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