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Hazelnut Liqueur – Medical Tincture Recipe

Medicinal Use Few know that hazelnut liqueurs can cure a wide array of diseases. For several centuries, this medicinal drink has been prescribed to patients suffering from asthma, tuberculosis, musculoskeletal disorders, and skin problems. Patients who were diagnosed with oncological diseases, as well as heart diseases, noted an improvement after a course of treatment with this tart hazelnut drink. However, before starting the treatment you should keep in mind that adhering to the suggested ratios and dozes, as well as learning the contraindications is highly important. An ethanol hazelnut liqueur is not recommended for people suffering from alcoholism, liver...

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Nut Vodka – Walnut and Pine Nut Vodka Recipes

It is quite amazing how simple nuts can add a unique taste and healing properties to ordinary vodka. You can use all types of nuts, be it walnuts or pine nuts. Homemade nut vodka is very simple to make. Just make sure that you use the suggested ratios and aging time. Now let’s go over the two best recipes for drinks, which when drunk in moderation can be not only for pleasure but also for immune boost and as a stomach diseases prevention measure. You can use moonshine (distillate) or watered down ethanol instead of store-bought vodka. Walnut Vodka Recipe...

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How to Make Whiskey From Beer – Turn Beer Malt Into Whiskey

In accordance with distillery traditions, quite a few different techniques have to be employed in order to make whiskey, such as malting, distilling, and prolonged aging in oak barrels. Various grain ingredients can be used to create this elite Scotish liquor—wheat, barley, corn, and even rye. But skilled craftsmen have found a way to make whiskey from beer at home. Distilling Beer into Whiskey Firstly, what you need is beer malt. You can purchase it online or in stores. Top off at least 2 kilos with 10 liters of water and heat it up to 65°C using a steam...

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Polugar – Old Bread Wine Recipe

Polugar bread wine was the most popular alcoholic drink of the highest quality in Russia for the longest time. Bread wine has a pleasant rye flavor and in addition to that, it is quite strong—38.5%. Up to 1895 polugar was seen as a symbol of quality among alcoholic drinks, and it was strictly oversaught. Back in 1842 Nicholas I signed the decree which made it mandatory to check polugar wine quality by burning it out. In accordance with this standard, high-quality polugar was defined as half-burned out bread wine. But since 1895 Tsar Alexander III decreed that polugar distilling was...

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Nectarine Wine – Fruity Wine for Beginners

Nectarine wine stands out thanks to its bright yellow color (sometimes with a tincture of red) and soft, sweet taste with a hint of peach. This comes as no surprise since nectarine is a plum and peach hybrid. The technology behind making nectarine wine is very similar to that of making peach wine, but there are slight differences in the ratios since these fruits have different dry matter contents. You can use any ripe nectarines. Make sure to sort out the fruits to remove any spoilt, tainted or moldy ones. Even a small amount of bad raw materials can...

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