Apricot Liqueur – Two Proven Recipes

The technology behind making apricot liqueur at home it is fairly simple—all you need is enough apricots. Let’s go over the two best recipes (with vodka and fermentation method) that will yield a fragrant drink with a beautiful rich shade.

Ripe apricots of any varieties can be used to make homemade apricot liqueur. They should be as sweet as possible, though. First, sort the fruits and remove any spoilt or moldy ones. Then rinse and dry them.

Apricot kernels contain harmful prussic acid, which upon ingestion can cause serious poisoning. That’s why it is recommended to play it safe and remove the pits.

Classic Apricot Liqueur

The classic apricot liqueur is made without vodka by the method of natural fermentation. This yields a fairly strong sweet drink.


  • Apricots – 2 kilos
  • Sugar – 800 grams
  • Water – 250 ml

Wash the apricots, remove the pits, and cut the pulp into quarters. Mix water and sugar in a stock pot, bring the mixture to a boil and simmer for 2-3 minutes, skimming off the foam. Cool the obtained syrup to room temperature.

Put the slices in a 3-liter jar and top them off with the sugar syrup. Tie the neck of the jar with cheesecloth. Move the jar to a dark place with room temperature (18-25°C). After 2-3 days you’ll start noticing the signs of fermentation: foaming, hissing, and a sour scent. Untie the neck of the jar and install an airlock of any design.

Homemade Airlock

An example of a homemade airlock

Leave the jar for 25-40 days until fermentation is over. You’ll know it’s over when the airlock is no longer emitting gas. Squeeze the pulp and mix the liquid part with the main drink.

Now it’s about time you bottled the apricot drink, sealing it tightly. Let it age for 30-60 days in a fridge or cellar prior to drinking it. If it’s cloudy you can decant it once again and filter it through a cotton wool.


Homemade Apricot LiqueurThe classic apricot liqueur

Apricot Infused Vodka

This is a very simple and yet fragrant strong drink.


  • Apricots – 1 kilo
  • Sugar – 1 kilo
  • Vodka (moonshine, ethanol 40-45%) – 1 liter

Remove the apricot pits and put the pulp in a jar. Then top the contents off with vodka and seal the jar. Move it for 3-4 weeks to a sunny warm place.

Strain the apricot vodka through cheesecloth without squeezing and decant the liquid into another bottle. Seal it afterwards. Put the pulp back in the jar and add sugar. Shake it a few times, cap it, and leave it in a sunny place for 10-14 days.

Shake the apricot pulp once a day for better sugar dissolution.

Strain the tincture through cheesecloth and squeeze it well. Mix both liquids (apricot infused vodka and tincture) and seal the mixture. Age for 5-7 days in a cold dark place before drinking. Apricot infused vodka can be stored for up to 3 years.

Apricot Infused Vodka

Single-filtered apricot infused vodka


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